May Couture

May Couture


19 Comments to “May Couture”

  1. Wow! So much to feast the eyes on. I love it. The face tells the story. Many Blessings to you Eva.

  2. My dear Eva, I’ve been missing you and your wonderful fashion designs soooooo much. I’m so happy to see that you’re back and hope from the bottom of my heart that you are well. You created a wonderful dress that looks a bit like from Charleston-times, I could imagine how it swings when you dance. I like the slim line on top with the big white collar and the waves at the skirt. Very elegant. It needs a long necklace. Have a wonderful Sunday, dear Eva, kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you Mitza for your always wonderful and kind compliments. I don’t know how often will I post or if I will post, my better half is fighting with cancer and is a most very difficult time we’re in. I just felt I needed a moment on WP to take my mind away a bit. Glad you enjoyed my illustration and as usual you always see more than just the illustration. I appreciate all your support, your kind words and the fact that you’re always encouraging me. May you have a wonderful Sunday as well my dearest friend! Alles gut wunsche dich from Canada! ~Eva

      • My dear friend Eva, nobody can surely fully imagine how terrible this time is for you and your family. I’m sitting here fighting with tears because I want the world to be peaceful and happy and the people I like to be healthy and happy. I cannot do anything except praying for you and thinking of you with all my heart. I wish so much that you recover soon, dear Eva and thanks a lot for your wonderful German words, virtual hugs Mitza

      • Danke schon Mitza, und alles gut fur dich auch. You’re most kind and sorry if I made you cry and I appreciate every single thought and prayer you sent. Much love and hugs~Eva

      • Dear friend Eva, don’t say that you are sorry. A friend must be able to laugh and cry with you without any problems. Thanks a lot for taking time to write some German words. Much love and hugs Mitza

      • Dear Eva, how are you today??? I’m thinking of you so often and wish with all my heart that you feel good. I would like to post some flowers for you in the next days to show you my warm feelings for you and that I think of you. Have a nice day, virtual hugs Mitza

      • Thank you Mitza, you’re most kind! I do struggle this days with many unexpected turns and life is just simply not simple anymore. Thank you with all my heart for all your support! Hugs Eva

      • Debi and I wished that we could do more but we are so far away. We are always thinking of you with a lot of love and appreciation. I would like to bring you flowers or whatsoever, but it’s too far. Get well soon, dear Eva, you’re a wonderful person, hugs Mitza

      • Danke dir liebe Mitza, you’re most kind.

      • Dear Eva, every word from you makes me happy. I wish I could do the same to you. I would like to send you a rose that just starts to bloom and has a heavenly scent. In my thoughts I’m with you and wish you all the very best, virtual hugs Mitza

      • Dear friend Eva, if you ever feel for it take the mail address in my about, because I don’t understand a lot of things you write and don’t want to make it public. How do you feel today?? My thoughts are always with you, dear Eva. all the best for you, virtual hugs Mitza

      • Thank you Mitza, will do that….

      • I’m happy about it, dear Eva. All the best, virtual hugs from Germany, Mitza

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