The Dancer

The DancerA bit late but I didn’t wanted to miss the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant.


24 Comments to “The Dancer”

  1. Wonderfully vibrant for sure! Beautiful image Eva.

  2. Amazing shot Eva – the dancer looks like he has colorful flames surrounding his body, the feathers are an awesome collection. I like you how you captured just the subject in his ritual dance filling the screen only with a wonderful positive flow of energy. This is really special ~

    • Thank you Mary. I love to watch them dance, sing and playing the drums it is very special. We have this so called “Fusion Festival” where many nations come together to share they heritage, that includes music, dance, food and it goes on for a couple days. I love to go and take shots, energy, color, just a lot of fun. Your description is right on, he looked like he was a fire ball while dancing and I toned down everything around him that the entire beauty of it is concentrated on the performer. Special it was the experience for sure!
      Have a wonderful Sunday~ Hugs~Eva

      • It sounds like a great time for celebration of their heritage – a beautiful thing. Your fading technique of background noise was so effective in this image – really an exquisite shot! Happy Sunday to you as well!

  3. Dear Eva, this photo is fantastic and fits perfectly for vibrant. The way how you made this photo is appealing, it looks a bit old fashioned by the dark edges. And I specially enjoy to see a wonderful person of the First Nations in this very colorful dress, which is probably handmade. I am very interested in the First Nations since I was a kid and did a lot of beadwork like they do. By the way he moves I can reall hear their drum music. Thanks a lot for sharing this colorful photo which gives a little color on a dark day here. Many virtual hugs, have a wonderful weekend, Mitza

    • Oh Mitza they have wonderful bead-works, beautiful hand made stuff and what they wearing is all handmade too. Love they drum music you can’t help not to start moving and if you wish actually they welcome you to join the circle. One year the actress who played with Kevin Costner in the movie “Dancing with the wolfs” was there and that was super cool. She got a bit older but still very beautiful, I believe she was the first and last celebrity I ever saw, I never will forget that dance. At that time I didn’t have a good camera, my shots are really bad now I have more experience how to do it! They have a special energy, rhythm this people, you can feel it when they perform! I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I need to work on some more and post it, I have so many only time is what’s missing, hehe…
      Have a great Sunday, my lovely friend!
      Hugs and much love to you~Eva

      • thanks a lot for explaining all these things about First Nations to me. We have some exhibits in our Museum of Ethnology which I looked at very carefully. Once a man opened the showcase for me to let me take a look at the beadwork. It was a so called “lazy squaw stitch”. And I had an lp with music of First Nations. I always admired their wisdom to live with mother nature and loved the photos of their beautiful impressive faces. Have a wonderful week, too, dear Eva, much love to you, stay healthy, Mitza

      • They are very respectful towards nature. They believe in spirits of animals, plants and they respect them and sing and make arts about them.
        Wishing you as well a wonderful week Mitza! Much love and hugs to you~Eva

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