17 Comments to “Februlous”

  1. Interesting abstract, she is in conversation with her lover it seems. ❤️

  2. Oooh Eva this is most interesting! I really like the black and white value scale of your palette. The background reminds me of an old photo yet the outfit is so ultra modern and chic! Simple design but very effective in that details are obscure but the viewer can see the winter hat, sunglasses and jacket. Very cool!

  3. Intriguing drama built in this design Eva, with her pouting lips and cover-up of face, eyes, etc. she is definitely wanting privacy with her own thoughts. The great textures and cover-up provides an almost a battered emotional feel to the piece. The fact that you used B&W with a slight touch of color gives the piece a very old effect. I really like this – much different than your usual open and engaging designs.

    • Perhaps has something to do with my mood or state of mind, you’re most observant and I really appreciate how sensitive you’re at reading emotions. Thank you Mary, you made me feel somewhat better and I need to pay more attention, but sometimes emotions influence the outcomes.
      Have a wonderful day my dearest friend!

  4. This is really very beautiful, dear Eva. I like this little abstraction but still you can see that it is the face of a beautiful woman in at least 49 shades of grey again, which I like a lot. Grey is a wonderful color if combined with a little blue and pink like you did it. You have a very special talent for fashion design and it is always a great pleasure to look at your work and to read your lovely comments, have a wonderful day, dear Eva, virtual hugs Mitza

  5. Luv this,it’s so easy….apparently! 🙂

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