Magic Rock

Magic RockDo you believe in magic…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

A heavy rock(weight) and the power of magic(less)…


12 Comments to “Magic Rock”

  1. Interesting looking rock😍

  2. That is one cool magic rock! It looks like it has many wonderful powers since it’s so very colorful. Plus, it floats! Very cool Eva.

    • LOL, that floating thing is the magic I added but the rock itself was found on the beach where I usually look for or the things looking for me, don’t know which way, nevertheless beauty is all around and I picked up. Now I must find out if there is some real magic to this one πŸ™‚
      Thanks Rhonda you made me smile!

  3. This is a neat looking rock, almost molten-like from a volcano. This one has so many great features from textures to colors – all with magical and mystical powers! Have a wonderful weekend Eva ~

    • Agreed Mary, the textures and colors they do land a magical, mystical property to this rock! It caught my eye immediately seeing how beautiful it was, I do find lot of things on the beach, it is a very relaxing exercise helps me recharge.
      Thank you Mary, wish you as well a wonderful weekend!

  4. How nice to know that you collect stones, too, dear Eva. I love to take walks at the sea and collect shells and petrified shells and other marine fossils. You stone is very beautiful and as it is so light, it might be amber. Very beautiful colors, looks very old. Have a wonderful weekend, virtual hugs Mitza

    • Oh, we would definitively have a lot of fun walking on the beach looking for beautiful things Mitza! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Sounds like a dream, dear Eva. I always want to collect something, maybe it’s not normal anymore. I’m a collecting maniac. In Greece I collect stones with a hole, shells, parts from fishernets, seaglass, etc. and put it on a string. I hang it up in my trees and it looks nice. Have some nice finds at the sea, wish you a lovely weekend, dear Eva. We have a lot of snow today, which I dislike because it’s slippery on the streets, virtual hugs Mitza

      • That must look really lovely, you do leave all those decorations on the trees never take them of? I can see and hear when the wind blows how beautiful that must sound and look like! I just need a chair and relax under that tree, daydreaming! Fabulous place plays out in my mind πŸ™‚
        No snow, but rain. Today we had stormy water the waves where pretty amazing and loud but too windy to walk to long, so had muffins and coffee at home.
        Watch yourself with the slippery streets, I guess you’re not going for a bike ride in that weather? Take good care! Hugs~Eva

      • I leave the decorations always in my pomegranate tree. I have made some photos, might publish them one day. By the way, today I made a nice desert from pomegranates that I bought in joghurt, was delicious.
        Here it was snowing and it’s quite cold, minus 3, but I went to an antic market in the morning without problems and made two rounds with my bike. Take care, too and have a wonderful week- virtual hugs Mitza

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