Gift of Love

Gift of LoveThe greatest treasures

are those invisible

to the eye but

felt by the heart…

Give the gift of Love.

~Happy Holidays to you all~


14 Comments to “Gift of Love”

  1. Merry Christmas Eva!

  2. Well said, Eva. Happy holidays to you too, my dear! 🙂 xx

  3. It sounds as if you are “the little princess”. The Little Prince said: you only see well with your heart. The bare essentials are invisible for the eyes” That’s wonderful and moving, dear Eva. Did you take flying lessons to make such wonderful photos? hehe
    Well, I’m just baking X’mas cookies and would like to send you some virtual ones. Wish you Happy Holidays, too. Kind regards Mitza

    • HEHE would be nice to fly (sometimes I do in my dreams), but thats not the case! We have been visited by the world famous Snow Birds who always put on an amazing flying show and I was there with my camera! Most amazing show I have ever seen with fast flying airplanes! I have lots of photos which I will post one by one. In these photo I made a collage when they made a heart up on the sky, unbelievable how they maneuver the planes. Wasn’t easy to take shots because the speed they have but I managed pretty good on the end and I got some real nice photos, so that is the story of ME and the Snow Birds! Thank you for the cookies, I can’t bake which sucks for my husband but he got used to it hehe!
      Anyway hope you have a blast with the baking , I can smell the lovely aroma over here from your kitchen hehe!
      Take care my dear friend, lots of hugs!~Eva

      • you really succeeded well with your photos. I didn’t think you made them in the beginning. Fantastic, dear Eva. Well my bakery makes me very tired. It’s not really fun to work in such a small kitchen, but they came out nice. Take care, too, virtual hugs, Mitza

      • That was my first attempt to shot flying airplanes! These guys come back every year for the show and it is fantastic because they fly over the ocean with amazing speed and the acrobatic aspect leaves you grasping for air, frankly my heart stopped a few times. It wasn’t easy to watch and concentrate on the shots at the same time, you will see when I post how perfect these guys can line up in the middle of the sky!
        Anyway, I got all excited thinking back I will stop now bragging about the Snow Birds!
        Happy that your cookies came out nice, hope the holidays will be gentle on you! Many hugs, Eva

      • thanks for your good wishes. I’m really afraid of these flight shows because many times airoplanes crash together.I’m still baking cookies and still not finished… virtual hugs Mitza

  4. wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful! This is tres cool, Eva! I remember you mentioning this show before and I made a new reference about airshows today… absolutely awesome…

    You’re a very talented Lady. Don’t ever let the gifts fade.

    • LOL, the talented lady thanking you for the praise 🙂 …wasn’t easy to catch the making of the heart, it went so FAST my finger had to snap at light speed, but it worked out. Next year I hope I get better shots, for now I”m pleased with these ones! Soon I will post more from the show, single shots not as a collage….Thank you for your lovely compliment sir, it is very much appreciated! And yes I agree, we should never let the gifts fade!

      • I’ll post more of my airshow shots too. I always take way more than necessary! See how you’ve done gone and become all inspiring and stuff? Thanks and keep it up…

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