Blue Paris

Blue Paris


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  1. Brava Eva, beautiful work, dear friend!!!

  2. Fantastic work, Eva. I’m not sure what’s happening, but if I’m not mistaken, you have two sites: one for your shoe designs and another for your photography work? I thought I followed both, but I never see your photo work site??? Not sure if I’m explaining that in the right way… Anyway- THIS is phenomenal work. Know what comes to mind for me? Japanese Anime- sort of a 60’s vibe… very cool.

    • I do have two sides one for shoes and the other for fashion to which I added photography last year (somebody suggested to me, so I gave it a try and it looks it works out) I know it is a bit bizarre but I did not wanted to open another blog only for photos alone ( would be to much work and stretch my time beyond the limits I could handle). You can see the category photography on my fashion site and you can click on it to browse around there for all my photos I have posted. I hate to admit but I’m so very clumsy and challenged with all the technical parts of blogging, I even don’t know how to insert a link in my posts, I know is unbelievable but computer wise I score a ZERO! Hopefully I cleared up the confusion and if not please let me know, otherwise thank you so much for your ongoing support of my work, it is more and highly appreciated then you would ever know.

  3. I love this one so much Eva. It’s got a retro vibe yet it’s modern. Love the complimentary pop of color in her handbag. The neutral background makes her pop and the feminine oval design adds to her elegance. Very lovely!

  4. what a wonderful new idea, dear Eva, your dress is very intricate with fantastic details, I’m sure that Karl Lagerfeld would be proud of you. Do you usually wear such dresses? Do you sew yourself? I just bought some pieces of cloth very cheap and will try to make some wests whenever I have time (when do I have time??) I wish you a wonderful week-end, dear Eva, and wish all your followers to see a lot more of your wonderful works, kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you Mitza for your wonderful feedback! Now would that not be something if the Kaiser of all fashions personally would see and say good job Eva! No usually I’m not wearing such dresses but I would if I could. I do sew but I haven’t made anything for myself for a very, very long time. In an ideal world I would do all those things for real, have my own label or work for Lagerfeld!!! Wish you luck with your wests, I would like to see it when is done! Today after a couple of stormy days the sun appeared and I hope will stick around the weekend. Need to get a tree soon, very soon! I’m behind with many things…
      Wishing you as well a most wonderful weekend my dearest friend!

      • Maybe I have time over X’mas. Fortunately we don’t buy a tree, I only use some branches that I decorate with old Christmas glitter balls and old birds. I must admit that the week between X’mas and New Year is always the worst for me in all the year. I can’t stand it, it makes me sad.
        Hope the sun will always shine on you and your wonderful talents and I hope Santa will bring you some wonderful presents. A wonderful weekend for you, too, dear Eva, kind regards Mitza

      • I know what you mean with X’mas and New Year between, you’re not alone. We don’t have family over here so it’s always kinda sad to sit alone over the holidays. Santa won’t be visiting this year, I will be happy if I manage to get a small tree! Once again wishing you all the best and thank from the bottom of my heart for all your wishes of good!~Eva

  5. Reminds me of the old Federated stores Hoiday season brochures. Very nice.

  6. This is wonderful, Eva. She looks all ready for the holidays! So stylish, love the peek-a-boo on the skirt! 🙂

  7. Total chic and elegance and speaks to me of Audrey Hepburn in Paris! I love this amazing and stylish gal. I see that I’ve totally missed some of your photography – haven’t a clue why they don’t load into my Reader. But now I’ll have a wonderful time checking out your December works. This really could be an illustration for a marketing ad (print) and so much more. Love it!

    • Thank you Mary, what a beautiful and generous compliment, your words always make me feel wonderful about my illustration. Glad you liked the style of this particular design, I had Paris in my mind with all that was going on and felt an urge to express myself.

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