November Beach

November Beach


10 Comments to “November Beach”

  1. This is such a beautiful and peaceful photo Eva. Love the rich sepia tone.

    • Thank you Rhonda, love when we have low tide on the beach, you can walk in really deep into the ocean, feels so very Zen to me. Love to take shots of it, every day looks different, never boring and always very beautiful!
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. wow, dear Eva, this is a wonderful composition that looks like a very old photograph, very calming and beautiful, wishing you a nice week-end, kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you Mitza! Love when we have low tides, you can just walk straight into the ocean floor, I did opted for sepia style tone to give a calming, soothing effect. It always relaxes me and I can sit forever and look at the always different and always beautiful display of nature.
      Today is a beautiful day, I might just catch a beautiful sparkling ocean view!
      Wishing you as well a beautiful weekend!~Eva

      • I love to be at the sea, too, specially in Greece. Love the blue, turquois colors and the waves are so calming that I could fall asleep. Here it has been snowing today for hours but even in this ugly damp weather I go with my bike. :)) Mitza

      • Oh the sea in Greece is so much more beautiful then the Pacific ocean, for one is a different blue (turquoise), our sand here is grey, there is white…but I love both as long as I can see water I fine!
        Wow, already snowing in Hamburg, you’re brave to get out with bike under those conditions! Here is a mix of everything lately, the predicted snow fall never showed up but the Christmas decorations and music is all over the place (which I hate, it’s too early).
        Even if is ugly out there I wish you a wonderful Sunday and bundle up my dear friend :)) Hugs~Eva

      • thanks, dear Eva, just put on my wollen undershirt, hehe, hugs Mitza

  3. Oh such a beauty Eva. Your scene speaks to me as the waves lap back out to sea slowly making smooth and beautiful line patterns in the sand. Perfect lighting is giving way to those gorgeous shadows of water and sand.

    • Thank you Mary, it is so lovely to get down well almost everyday and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Each time is different and every time no less beautiful. Very relaxing and addictive, I do have to have my camera all the time and follow the mood of the ocean!

      • I hear you Eva, something i used to do all the time in Maine. Nothing quite like it – mesmerizing and healing, and as you said, relaxing and addictive. Have a beautiful weekend.

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