LovelyWishing you all a glorious Happy New Year!


15 Comments to “Lovely”

  1. …and to you as well, Eva!!! 🙂

  2. you really created a wonderful dress to go out for New Years Eve with a very elegant gesture like the old art nouveau figurines that I love so much. Looking forward to your wonderful work in 2015, regards Mitza

  3. This is my favorite of your fashions Eva, awesome. Your use of light in this piece is perfect as it hits her earring babbles, just love the height and lines of her hair, beautiful way to harmonize the whole scene. But my favorite is the two-toned chocolate browns used, gorgeous. Thinking about you – take care, Mary

  4. Hi Eva! I tried to leave a comment a few days ago….Just recently found out you have another blog!

    Love, Love you fashion illustrations! Wow! Your talent is amazing. I never knew you did fashion illustration too. This one is superb! Perfect for the New Year. So deliciously glamorous. I have always secretly wanted to be a fashion illustrator but never knew how. I will live vicariously through you! xoxo 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and wonderful compliment! Originally I started posting fashion and my shoe designs together a while ago, but about two years ago decided to separate them, happy you found out and you like it! You can always access both sites from my side panel and switch between the two for viewing! Last year I added photography too, I got a camera for my BD and fell in love with photography, one of my followers suggested to share the space with my fashion designs and I took up on her suggestion. Love that “secretly wanted to be a fashion illustrator”, I think you should just take on on that, you’re so good at details, colors, proportions and anything else would be wonderful to see you illustrating fashion! I have a fashion design degree, but I don’t like to illustrate fashion designed by famous designers, I love to design everything from outfit, hair, makeup, shoes, bags on my own, let my imagination run wild, love it, love it, love it! You made my day and thank you for your enthusiasm, made me more motivated to continue what I do so thank you for that! Have a most wonderful weekend!~Eva

      • You are so welcome Eva. Your photography is just as beautiful as your illustrations!
        Photography was my career after college. I have a bachelors in fine art and photography was where I ended up even though my dream was to be a working artist. The university I went to had an art department that was very small and did not offer things like graphic design or fashion illustration so I minored in photography. I had my own business for over 12 yrs doing photo retouching and restoration before the days of Photoshoo, so that’s where my tight detailed style comes from.

        Thank you for being such a wonderful blog friend and art buddy. I really value your feedback!! 😊

      • Thank you for sharing your story! Sometimes is interesting how we all end up doing things not exactly how we imagined, I must say I’m happy to see that we both ended up still in the art department! Photography for me is a hobby kind and I use many programs which nova days everybody does but you got the real “thing” and that must be so fascinating to learn the “old” way photography! I’m so glad that we met and share a space in this wonderful community of WP, your comments, compliments and feedbacks are most appreciated as well and thank you for always having time for it! Have a wonderful week Rhonda!

      • You too Eva. 👍😊

  5. P. S. Forgive the typo- I meant Photoshop.

  6. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know you have another blog! Gorgeous illustration! This is very exciting!
    I have another blog, too! I design gowns no one can wear because they are art only. It’s called “Art Gowns”
    So much fun here!

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