4 Comments to “Gemini”

  1. Oh this design Eva is awesome! The muted colors and background are perfect for letting the twins take front and center. Love how their wings reflect the hair style with beautiful curves against the sharp, elongated lines/points. From one Gemini to another, Gemini’s take it! Have a fantastic weekend!

    • Well, thank you Mary! Your clear vision of seeing details, nuances, subtleties is just so very appreciated. Sometimes takes long time to finish an illustration from the point where I just have a vision, or idea till is fully developed and ready to be displayed and there where your comments and compliments feel good, because all that work put in it feels like is payed of. The reality is that sometimes people just look without seeing the meaning or the intent of an illustration. It’s is just another like and that leaves me sometimes disappointed even do I really appreciate likes. I will do what I do because I love it and can’t imagine a day without art! Thank you once again. Have a great weekend!🙂

  2. I understand Eva – there is an element of marketing that bloggers have to engage in. Posting is one aspect, following and commenting is another, and then the aspect of engaging the viewer. There are several ways to engage the viewer – you could do a polling to get active feedback from viewers. For instance, take one of your design and have viewers rate certain aspects color, lines, form, etc. my example is very generic, but make your items be more specific to the design. You might also consider doing a poll that ranks your last 5 designs and also ask why they ranked the designs in the order they have. In other words engage the followers.

    I read a book two years ago about marketing for artists (I did a review of this book, and one that has stood out w/regard to blogging, look to follow at least 5 new blogs a day and spend 1/2 to one hour each day blogging. Well I can’t personally do 5 new ones a day, I’m following 300+ so I limit all new ones – but also most don’t post every day (a good thing) and some do 4 or 5 posts a day (which is over board).

    You might want to expand your base of who is following your blog – consider doing an index search of the blogging categories to find and follow bloggers whose topics/themes might be of interest to you (fashion, writers, poetry, oil painters, actors, photographers, real estate, interior designers, oil pastels, scientists, spiritual, etc.). Many will begin to follow you.

    Also look through the folks who have “liked” on the blogs you follow – I found many bloggers I now follow through that method as well. I’ve spent some time in looking at their blog to see who they are and if their blog interests me.

    In the beginning this took a lot of time, but gradually I got a following that has been pretty loyal, diverse and a whole heck of a lot of fun getting to know. Many doors will open, you’ll see ~ you have beautiful designs waiting to be discovered.

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