February 5, 2016

The Dancer

The DancerA bit late but I didn’t wanted to miss the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant.

February 4, 2016


PrayerOn World Cancer Day a prayer goes out…

When my arms can’t

reach people who are

close to my heart

I always hug them

with my prayers. ~

February 1, 2016



January 27, 2016


OptiburristicA real “kick ass” optimistic statement to make you smile :)

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

January 21, 2016


MeegoThe all important letter in this somewhat “Egotistic” world.

“I” needs to be changed to “We” that might just work better for the world.

My pick for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

January 19, 2016

Days of Grey

Days of Grey

January 14, 2016

Magic Rock

Magic RockDo you believe in magic…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

A heavy rock(weight) and the power of magic(less)…

January 8, 2016

Human Circle

Human CircleTook some time but finally decided to display this image as per Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle.

No beginning no end…